7th grade students in Ms. Berg's class are working in pairs (virtually and in person!) to sort statements as Factual, Commonplace Assertions, and Opinions.
1 day ago, Luling ISD
The Luling ISD December ENews is here! English: https://www.smore.com/rzn2u Spanish: https://www.smore.com/6szvr
1 day ago, Luling ISD
The Gerdes Junior High ACE program is hosting a "virtual" movie night on Saturday, December 5th, from 7 pm - 10 pm. Contact Ms. Carrillo at the Junior High for more information!
3 days ago, Luling Independent School District
It is an unusual year due to coronavirus disruptions. Nevertheless, one thing has not changed, parents need to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application for their child(ren)! This is important data, because it can impact school funding from federal grants that help schools educate all students! Please watch the videos at the links below (English and Spanish) to learn more! https://www.esc16.net/page/title1swi._PFE.Video.FRL.Strybord.Parents
4 days ago, Luling ISD
Wow!! Luling ISD families donated 979 lbs of non-perishable items to the Luling Food Bank! Our families are AMAZING! Thank you, Mrs. Castro, for organizing the Hunger and Homelessness Drive this week!
14 days ago, Luling ISD
Luling ISD is hosting a Clothing and Toy drive to benefit students in need across the district. IBC Bank has graciously agreed to be the drop off site for this important initiative. Please help us provide for our students during this holiday season by taking clothing and toys to IBC! Thank you IBC Bank!!
14 days ago, Luling ISD
Mrs. Castro and IBC Bank
Having fun in ACE after learning time! We have spots open in Junior High and we’d love for students to join the ACE program. We do cooking, robotics, arts and crafts, and all kinds of fun stuff in ACE. It’s way more fun than playing on devices and watching TV in the afternoons, plus you have help with your homework and getting better in reading and math! Contact Satriani Carrillo at Gerdes Junior High if you are interested.
14 days ago, Luling Independent School District
If you haven't been by the site for the new Shanklin Elementary, here's what you're missing...
15 days ago, Luling ISD
Substitute Raises!
15 days ago, Luling ISD
During the month of November, Luling High School students will learn about Intentional Acts of Respect. They will discuss what respect and disrespect means, looks like and feels like during their advisory period. This is their first lesson and activity for the 2020-2021 school year to earn the No Place for Hate designation.
16 days ago, LeAnna Coulter
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will have a drive-through Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets for families at no cost. Limited availability. Please wear a mask. Call this number to be added to the list 830-351-3419. St. John Catholic Church Parish Hall , 11/21 at 11am.
16 days ago, Luling ISD
Luling ISD has added a COVID Dashboard to the district website. We understand the need for full transparency during this time and know that by publishing our current COVID numbers, our community will have up-to-date information. The COVID Dashboard can be found here: https://www.luling.txed.net/page/covid-dashboard
17 days ago, Luling ISD
The Luling ISD Board of Trustees recognized the November Spotlight Staff Member and Students tonight. Staff member CiCi Keilman and students Jayden Hernandez and Ronderick Hughey (EJ) were present and able to hear how much we appreciate them!
17 days ago, Luling ISD
Students are applying the information they have been learning about healthy communication and conflict resolution skills by analyzing different scenarios. The analysis and discussions allow students to learn more about themselves and others.
18 days ago, Luling Independent School District
conflict resolution
Next week is national Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Luling ISD will participate in a food and hygiene drive in recognition of this important week. Please send nonperishable food and hygiene items with your child next Monday through Friday. The class with the most items from each campus will win a pizza party!
21 days ago, Luling ISD
During the month of November, Shanklin Elementary students are learning about types of bullying, what to do if you are being bullied, how to be a superhero bystander and how to help those who are being bullied. They are also learning about what it means to be a good friend. This is their first lesson and activity for the 2020-2021 school year to earn the No Place for Hate designation.
23 days ago, LeAnna Coulter
No Place for Hate sign
The Junior High Boys Basketball Games scheduled for November 12th have been cancelled.
24 days ago, Lisa Patterson
The Luling ISD 2020-21 Family Survey is now available and is accepting responses online through November 30th. Families are encouraged to participate so they can share input on district and campus performance. Please click the link below to access the survey. La encuesta para familias del Luling ISD de 2020-21 ya está disponible y está aceptando respuestas en línea hasta el 30 de noviembre de 2020. Se les recomienda a las familias que participen para que puedan compartir sus opiniones sobre el desempeño del distrito y el plantel. Hagan clic en el enlace de abajo para comenzar la encuesta. https://www.luling.txed.net/page/family-and-community-surveys
24 days ago, Luling ISD
Gerdes Junior High ACE students made soap this week and had a blast! If you want to join ACE and do fun activities like soap making, robotics, and cooking, contact Ms. Carrillo or Ms. Meshell to let them know you’re interested.
27 days ago, Luling Independent School District
Students at Gerdes have been learning healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. Effective communication plays a key role in conflict resolution and these skills are beneficial not only today, but throughout their lives.
28 days ago, Luling Independent School District
conflict resolution
conflict resolution